My favourite second hand finds of 2020

So I’ve just remembered that I made one of these last year and I’d love for it to be a regular thing to look back on, so I thought I’d make another one for my 2020 finds! Although the charity shops and vintage shops have been shut for the most part, I’ve reignited my love... Continue Reading →

Spring at Zara

For the first ‘new in’ post on my blog for a while, it only makes sense to combine two of my favourite things: Spring and Zara. I feel a bit late to the Zara train, since I only properly started shopping there when I moved to Leeds a year and a half ago (I guess... Continue Reading →

It’s been a while

Hello old friend, long time no see (besides on Instagram). I took a bit of an unintentional break from this blog for quite some time, not for any particular reason besides getting distracted by other things, It only just came to my attention that this little ‘time out’ period has been going on since May... Continue Reading →

Fashion Week highlights

After a slightly longer than planned break from the blog (mainly thanks to turning 20, moving out, starting uni and just generally adjusting to the adult life), I'm back baby! Since I was last active on here, the many different worldwide fashion weeks have been taking place and I've been briefly browsing through each of... Continue Reading →

Remembering Karl

Today marks the loss of one of the fashion industry's most iconic figures of all time, Mr Karl Otto Lagerfeld. Born in Hamburg, Germany in September 1933, Karl had always been a creative individual even before his career at Chanel. Working for brands such as Chloe and Fendi, whilst also exploring his artistic capabilities within... Continue Reading →

August favourites

So I know that August has pretty much flew by (as did the rest of the year for that matter) and although I didn't really leave my bed at all for the entire month, I've still managed to collect a small amount of favourites from this month from the days in which I did actually... Continue Reading →

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