Sustainable brands you need to know of

Considering how much we are warned of global warming, pollution, and many other worldwide issues on a daily basis, it's quite surprising how little sustainable brands are vastly heard of (baring the few that have managed to break this system such as Reformation or Sezane of course). Even whilst I was creating this blog post,... Continue Reading →

Festive season outfits

Hello hello! It’s been a short while since I’ve wrote on here (I’m currently fully invested in the uni life right now) but I thought I’d take some time to have a good browse at some of the amazing festive season party outfits that are out at the minute. These were all heavily inspired by... Continue Reading →

Tips for shopping second hand

Hello everyone! Recently I've been getting a few messages relating to my last blog post about shopping second hand, specifically from those who often struggle to find anything nice in charity shops or on Depop. So, after today's excursions with a lot of shopping, I've been coming up with some tips on shopping second hand... Continue Reading →

Vintage/Charity shopping + haul

Hello there! I know that I have recently been posting quite frequently compared to normal, but I wanted to talk today about sustainable ways of shopping. I've previously mentioned some of these things in past blog posts but I've never really spoken in great detail about some of the gems you can find when thrifting.... Continue Reading →

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