“Camp” Met Exhibition Review

It wasn’t long after the Coronavirus outbreak had affected the wider population that the Metropolitan Museum of Art took action to postpone this year’s gala. As the heartbreak for the biggest event in fashion is present, I thought that I would at least share some form conversation relating to the night in which we all... Continue Reading →

Camp: Met Gala 2019 review

On the first Monday in May 2019 we were invited to spectate the New York Metropolitan Museum's annual Gala, or more commonly know as the Met Gala. The event is held in order to raise funds for the Costume Institute at the Museum, and thus a wide range of celebrities and designers are guested to... Continue Reading →

Shrimps X Warehouse Review

Hello everyone! This warm April morning has brought us some gorgeous sunshine, a buzz for the bank holiday weekend, and also the official launch of the Shrimps X Warehouse collaboration. The basis of this collaboration is a Spring/Summer capsule collection that has all you'd ever need for your summer holiday, or even just for some... Continue Reading →

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